Civic Engagement — A 2020 Priority

Civic Engagement — A 2020 Priority

“I am a citizen now so I feel that my vote for a candidate can help. I understand that one vote can be significant. And since it’s my first time voting it feels like it is an adventure.”

—Samuel Zam

The 2020 presidential election will dramatically impact the opportunities available to new Americans across the country. However, registering to vote, finding polling locations, learning about candidates, caucusing — present unique challenges for refugees and immigrants. Now, new executive policies propose limiting the civic participation of aspiring new Americans, like Samuel, who want to ensure that they are not left behind. 

EMBARC has made civic engagement a priority for 2020.

It became clear that a broader discussion is necessary to address civic engagement that focuses on greater inclusion, access, education, and empowerment for refugee community members.EMBARC will be organizing community meetings to listen, talk and share about the democratic process, how it works, and why civic engagement is crucial in ensuring that refugee and immigrant communities are not left behind. 

In the meantime, learn more and consider signing a petition to oppose limiting access to citizenship and naturalization.

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