Refugee Parent Navigator Project | Des Moines & Waterloo

“After the learning circle, I know more about hygiene and nutrition for my children.”

While refugee parents are finding their own way in a new place, they don’t stop being parents. They need to raise their children in a way that respects their heritage while also preparing them for their new community. The Refugee Parent Navigator Project provides peer-to-peer child development and parenting education through community-based support services to increase family problem-solving skills and knowledge of Western parenting norms. The program also provides access to preschool and kindergarten classes.

“Now I know what the preschool classroom looks like and what to expect for my kids.”

A Positive First Experience

For most EMBARC participants, the Refugee Parent Navigator Project is their first experience with early childhood development and educational concepts. It’s also the only place they can learn in their native language — a big plus because communications are particularly vital during this transition and developmental stage. Key partners: Woodlawn Early Learning Center, Monroe Elementary School.

What EMBARC participants are saying about the Refugee Parent Navigator Project:

“Now I know the importance of reading with my child.”

“I have learned about the language development and it is important to speak to my kids in my own dialect at least 30% in a day.”

“I have learned how to discipline my kids at different ages. For example: timeouts, rewards and consequences.”

“I have learned safety is really important for my kids.”

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